Fiji High Court Revokes Bail for 13 Accused in $2 Billion+ Methamphetamine Seizure Case

A high court in Lautoka today revoked bail for 13 people, including 32-year-old Justin Ho, linked to a $2 billion-plus methamphetamine seizure in Nadi.

Justice Aruna Althuge made the ruling after a two-hour bail argument this afternoon, prompted by Acting DPP John Rabuku’s application for a review earlier in the day. 

Rabuku highlighted the gravity of the charges, potential lengthy sentences, and the risk of the accused absconding during the 9:30 am sitting, urging for a swift bail review, with the court fixing it for the afternoon session.

Defense objections led to further arguments. Justice Althuge will provide written reasons for his ruling on Monday, February 5.

The accused were granted bail with conditions attached, including curfew and to report to the Nadi Police Station, when they first appeared before a magistrates court in Nadi on Monday, January 29 following their arrest. They were apprehended after over four tonnes of meth were seized from Legalega and Maqalevu within a week. They are facing a range of charges among these unlawful importation, drug possession, and possessing property suspected of being proceeds of crime.

The case resumes on March 27.

In a separate case, officer Henry Jacob Raju, 36, accused of meth possession, was granted bail by Lautoka Magistrates Court with conditions, including non-interference with witnesses and restricted access to the Lautoka Police Station. The case is adjourned to March 18, 2024.


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