Fiji Police Charge 13 Over Record $2Billion+ Methamphetamine Seizure

More Arrests Expected As Investigations Continue

Thirteen individuals arrested in connection with the seizure of over four tonnes of methamphetamine, within a week in Fiji, are set to appear at the Nadi Magistrates Court today.

They face a range of charges, including unlawful importation and possession of illicit drugs, as well as possession of property suspected of being proceeds of crime.

Three individuals were apprehended in the Northern Division, while attempting to flee the country.

In a statement Assistant Commissioner of Police – Crime, Mesake Waqa stated that the meth reportedly arrived in Fiji in late December, with the exchange believed to have occurred outside of Fiji’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

With the Australian Federal Police and the Pacific Transnational Crime and Coordination Centre, the Fiji Police Force uncovered that Fiji was being used as a transit point for the methamphetamine destined for a foreign market. Preliminary investigations suggest that a portion of the seized drugs, estimated to be worth more than $2 billion, may have also been intended for the local market.

The drugs were allegedly delivered via a barge and stored in a private warehouse by the accused persons. Subsequently, more than three tonnes were transported to Legalega, and over one ton to Maqalevu. Those involved in the delivery and packing of the drugs have also been apprehended.

More arrests are expected as authorities continue its investigation with foreign partners along with the Office of the DPP looking into the proceeds of crime.

“Investigations will also be pursuing information of the involvement of other locals as we cannot rule out the involvement of other persons of interest. Investigations have also uncovered the involvement of a foreign national tied to a known syndicate, whom we are pursuing with the help of our international partners.”

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