School Closures in Fiji Will Continue Until Further Notice: NDMO Director Vasiti Soko

Schools in Fiji remain closed, awaiting NDMO’s decision on reopening, as announced by Director Vasiti Soko.

At a press briefing in Suva today, the head of Fiji’s National Disaster Management Office said that the authorities are assessing the situation including the weather to decide when classes will resume.

However, in the meantime, she has urged the public to take extra precaution as the heavy rain warning is in place till Friday.

“We are asking everyone to take extra care, if they need to move to higher ground they need to do so while it is still light. With the way the soil already saturated with the heavy rainfall so far, there is a lot of risk around safety.”

“At present we have 60 people in two evacuation centres, Suva and Lautoka.”

The National Emergency Committee met this morning to discuss the developments.

“We are urging everyone to be careful. Blocked drains has caused a lot of flooding also and we ask for people to also do their bit and clear it if they can. Once the all clear is given, teams will move in and dis-infect schools and get it ready for school again.”

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