Fiji February Visitors Exceed Pre-COVID Figures, But Lower Than January 2024

Fiji’s visitor arrivals in February 2024 numbered 54,732, a 15.9% increase from the same month last year.

Despite a 22.2% decrease from January this year, the figures were 18.1% higher than pre-COVID levels, according to the Fiji Bureau of Statistics.

Of the visitors in February 2024, 72.7%, came for holiday purposes, with the rest visiting friends or relatives, for business, or other reasons.

Most visitors, 84.1%, came from Fiji’s key markets including (37.3%-20,405), NZ (16.9%-9,253)), USA (14.0%-7684), China (6.7%-3692), Cont.Europe (3.8%-2101), Canada (3.5%-1930) and Great Britain (1.7%-943).

The predominant age group of visitors was 25-64 years, accounting for 66.5% of arrivals.

The same month, 14,518 Fiji residents departed for various reasons.

Of the total departures, 86.4% (12,544 residents) left for short-term absences of less than three months, 5.5% (799 residents) departed for a period of over three months but less than a year, and 8.1% (1,175 residents) were away for long-term absences of a year or more.

The primary reasons for short-term departures included visiting friends or relatives (47.4%), Holiday (41.0%), Business (6.9%), Employment (1.7%), Education/Training: (1.6%) and other reasons: 1.4%.

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