Roosters Chicken Fijiana Drua Celebrate Back-to-Back Super W Win with Bonus

The Roosters Chicken Fijiana Drua are set to receive an $80,000 bonus payout for their impressive back-to-back victory in the Super W championship, local media reports.

Despite being reduced to 13 players in the closing stages of the match, the Fijiana showcased their unwavering resilience, staving off a formidable Queensland Reds side in an epic showdown to win 38-30 in the finals held at Townsville on Saturday night. The side scored five converted tries in the win.

According to local media sources, this generous payout is part of the Roosters Chicken’s two-year $1 million sponsorship deal, and the spoils will be shared among the squad.

Stanley Raniga, the Chief Executive of Roosters Poultry, expressed his delight in a statement to the Fiji Sun, saying, “We are proud to be their sponsor. They deserve to be declared champions. We never stopped believing in them even when they dropped points during the regular season.”

While a group of twelve team members arrived in the country last night, the remaining players, along with the coaches, manager, and captain Bitila Tawake, are expected to return today, with the Super W trophy in tow.

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