New registrations make up 10 percent of voters served: Fijian Elections

Ten percent of voters served in the Fijian Elections Office’s nationwide voter registration campaign that started two months ago are new sign-ups, Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem says.

Since the campaign started on 26 February, the FEO has served nearly 180,000 voters countrywide, and it is expecting the numbers to grow, underscored by their increasing their target reach to 200,000 from 150,000.

Saneem said that over 43 days, the FEO was able to provide voter registration services to 173,069 individuals – with 17,354 of them new registrations – and the remainder include those who have upgraded their voter cards.

“We would like to extend a sincere appreciation and thanks to all those individuals who have come out in the last two days particularly and obtain voter registration services,” Saneem said.

“Although I have a feeling we might fall slightly short of the 200,000 target, but that would have been our third target.

“We only have three days to go – and to this end, we are urging all those Fijians who have not yet upgraded to the latest voter card to please come forward whilst we are around in your communities, in your localities because after this the FEO will retreat back to its voter services centre. The drive ends in three days and we need to make sure that as many Fijians as possible have upgraded to the latest voter card.”

The campaign ends on Thursday 14 April.

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