Allowance pending on enrollment report submission: Education

Newly registered students will receive their Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Service (TSLS) allowance once confirmation of their enrolment at their respective tertiary institution of choice is received, Minister for Education Premila Kumar said.

Such processes she added are the norm for newly enrolled students thus the delay in the processing and disbursement of allowance to some applicants as opposed to continuing students whose details are already in the TSLS system.

“We apologise to students and parents for this miscommunication and would like to assure them that this is as per the normal process,” Kumar said.

“Allowances are only processed once enrollment reports from universities are obtained to ensure the student is actually studying at a particular university.”

In an update last Friday, 8 April, TSLS stated that it had paid allowances to existing and new students who were enrolled by 6 April, fully vaccinated,and whose tertiary institution had confirmed their enrolment.

The TSLS advises students who have yet to receive their allowance to ensure they are properly enrolled, check with the university if they have submitted their enrollment report to TSLS, and ensure the payment mode they chose is active, whether it be via bank, mycash, mpaisa, etc.

As of 28 March, more than 8,000 students had applied for TSLS.

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