FEO invites businesses/institutions to apply for postal voting

Businesses and organisations whose staff members will be working during election day given their 24/7 work schedule are advised to vote via postal ballot in Fiji’s 2022 General Elections.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said the Fijian Elections Office has been sending out awareness-related emails to various business houses and institutions such as the call-centres that will require their staff to work during the 2022 General Elections.

“For those staff, the arrangement is best to vote by postal voting,” Saneem said. “Our team will be in various locations. Today we will be at MindPearl from 12 to 2pm. We will be there tomorrow at National Fire Authority for postal voting awareness in Korovou, Pacific Harbour and all these other locations. Centre Pakleader, we will be there on the 13th, we will be at the Golden Age home on the 14th.”

Other business houses and institutions that require similar outreach by the FEO are advised to contact their postal voting team to arrange for such sessions.

“As I have said earlier, the arrangement that we would like for postal voting is that for example one organisation, we will send you your entire postal voting packs in separate envelopes in one batch, and then we can set up a collection time from the same organisation and we can take it from you and your votes will be included in the national tally. That is very important going into the 2022 General Elections.

“This is particularly important for tourism stakeholders, as well as people who look after aged citizens in aged care homes because we would like to ensure that you are not missed out.”

In the 2018 General Elections, around 81 percent of 10,040 voters registered for postal voting attended.

The 2022 General Elections can be held anytime between 9 July 2022 and 9 January 2023 with the earliest date the writ can be issued being late next month.

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