Four women charged for duping villagers

Four women will be produced at the Ba Magistrates Court today charged jointly charged with 27 counts of allegedly obtaining financial advantage.

Three of the accused persons aged 37, 50, and 62 years are from Tavualevu Village, Tavua and the fourth accused is a 50-year-old from Lewa Village, Nadarivatu.

It is alleged that between 1 April and 31 August this year the four told residents of Navau and Field 40 in Ba, that they were representatives of the National De Jure Assembly of Fiji and Viti Kabani Movement, claiming that billions of dollars belonging to indigenous Fijians was kept in a bank in the USA. 

Fiji Police reports that the women allegedly stated that money was overdue for payment to the I’Taukei people and will only be released upon registration for the Live-Life Claim Forms after the payment of a $10 fee. The villagers were also promised that each registered member will receive monies amounting to $20,000 with monthly installments of between $5,000 and $6000 which some of the victims told police has not happened to date.

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