Flood Alert and Flood Warning Amid Heavy Rain Alert Issued Across Fiji

Fiji’s Meteorological Center (RSMC) in Nadi is sounding the alarm for a flood warning for the Wainibuka River and down the main Rewa River.

A flood alert also remains in force for the Wainimala River and down the main Rewa River.

Current Situation
The situation at hand is a result of a slow-moving trough of low pressure hovering over the region, bringing with it heavy rain across Fiji, and impacting various parts of the country. The forecast suggests that these weather conditions are expected to persist until tomorrow.

Impacted Areas
Already, low-level roads near small streams, culverts, and flood-prone areas in the upper catchment of these rivers have been affected by the rising floodwaters. The threat of further inundation looms large, and residents are being urged to exercise caution and take necessary precautions.

High Tide and Low Tide Levels
In Lautoka, high tide is expected at 3:50 pm, reaching a level of 1.99 meters, while low tide is at 8:36 am, with a level of 0.59 meters. Similarly, in Suva, high tide is projected for 2:58 pm, with a height of 1.66 meters, and low tide at 8:35 am, measuring 0.61 meters.

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