Fijiana anticipates a tough outing at the Tokyo Olympics

Pitted against Canada, France and Brazil in the pool stages of the Tokyo Olympic Women’s 7s event will be no easy feat for the Fijiana, but it will not stop the players from putting forward their best, coach Saiasi Fuli says.

Fuli said that as long as they maintain the Fijian style of play in all of their games, the team will be able to control their game and not be dictated by. the opposition when the competition starts in two weeks’ time.

Since arriving in Japan over the weekend, the Fijiana have had some time to rest before returning to training and working on areas that needed improving based on their form at the Oceania 7s outing in Australia two weeks ago.

“Everything will be tough. We’ve trained our girls to try and sustain those kinds of situations, to work hard and push through with positive results against those oppositions. The good thing is that we were going through the process while in Australia, we mirrored the same program that will be happening in Japan, we implemented it in Australia, and try and create that balance between the senior players, leaders and the newcomers.” Fuli said.

The Fijiana will open women’s competition proceedings against France.

Photo: Fiji Rugby

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