Ba close to first vaccination dose target, Nadi lead second dose coverage

Ba is close to achieving its targetted first dose vaccination coverage whilst Nadi reported the widest reach for second dose vaccine deployment.

As of 12 July, Ba had inoculated 24,031 people with the first dose equating to 97.9% of their target population, whilst their second dose deployment is around 7% whereas Nadi has a second dose coverage of 25.2% and first dose, 71.6%.

Ba’s target population stands at 24,558, and Nadi, 63,870.

Fiji-wide, the target population stands at 586,651 with coverage as of two days ago was 62% and 12% for the first and second dose vaccine jabs respectively.

At the current rate, Fiji is likely to at least partially vaccinate 80% of its target population by 1 August. To achieve a 100% first dose target in the same timeframe, the Ministry of Health will need to administer close to 14,000 doses per day over the next 16 days, Monday through Saturday.

In 24 days between 1 June and 30 June, the MOH administered the first dose to around 157,000 people, averaging 6,500 jabs in a day. So far this month, in 12 days, since 1 July, 56,793 people received their first injection, averaging around 4,700 jabs per day.

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