LTA urges drivers to adhere to road rules

A recent near-death incident in which a young girl almost died after a drunk driver allegedly crashed his vehicle into her family home has prompted strong words from authorities urging adherence to road rules.

Land Transport Authority chief executive (CEO) Samuel Simpson said the incident that happened last Friday could have been avoided if drivers adhere to road rules particularly about refraining from drinking under the influence of alcohol.

 “As a driver, you have several thousand kilograms of machinery in your hands travelling at a speed that would destroy and kill anything in its path, if control is lost,” Simpson said.

“For this reason, you must, at all times, maintain your full focus on driving safely, following all of the road rules, and avoiding distractions. Above all, you must never drive under the influence of alcohol. ”

He also reminded drivers that they were issued licenses on the basis that they would behave responsibly and uphold this level of care.

“It is not just your life at stake here, you have the lives of your passengers, other road users, and innocent bystanders, such as that young girl, in your hands – if you don’t want death on your conscience, be cautious and be a responsible driver.”

Meanwhile, investigations into the Lautoka incident are ongoing.

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