Fijian Drua Launches Bus Packages For 2024 Super Rugby Pacific Home Games

The Fijian Drua today launched Bus Packages for all their home matches of the 2024 Shop N Save Super Rugby Pacific season. 

The bus packages offered in collaboration with local bus companies are designed to allow fans to attend matches and cheer on their Drua as a group. 

The packages will include return bus transfers from various locations, match tickets and fan goodies like flags and posters. 

“The idea behind the packages is to ensure as many fans as possible are able to get to a Fijian Drua match in a safe and affordable manner,” Fijian Drua CEO Mark Evans said. “These are designed to be simple for our fans to take up, more affordable than if they were to come individually, and scheduled conveniently with our bus partners so they can get home quickly after the match.”

The Fijian Drua Bus Packages have to be booked as a group of 60, which will allow each group to have one pick-up and drop off point. 

Almost all matches kick off between 1pm or 2pm, which means travellers from Suva for games held in Lautoka could leave at 8.30am and be back in Suva by 7.30pm.

Fijian Drua Ticketing Manager Biu Tadranu said: “We are encouraging fans to get together as a group and book their bus packages early to secure their seats and ensure a seamless game-day experience. Fans now can focus on the excitement of the game without worrying about the logistics of getting there and back. The packages are consumer friendly and affordable, benefiting not only our fans but the team as well, who look forward to our 16th Player by their side at every match.”

Features of the Fijian Drua Bus Packages: 

  • Bus package includes return bus transfer & a grass embankment ticket at both Churchill Park in Lautoka & HFC Stadium in Suva​
  • Total bus capacity is 60 pax, packages prices are also available for child​ren.

Routes & rates (return fare and ticket inclusive) below:

DROP OFF POINT (after game)
PICK UP POINT (after game)
Price – AdultPrice – Kids
Labou/Navua/Pacific Harbor/Galoa/Navutulevu​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$45​$35​
Delainavesi/Nadonumai/Lami Town/Veisari/Boystown/Naboro/Wainadoi​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$46​$36​
Samabula Junction/Nabua Junction/Kinoya Junction/Valelevu ​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$45​$35​
Princess Road/Sawani Junction​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$47​$37​
Past Sawani Junction/Naitasiri villages up to Vunidawa Hospital ​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$49​$39​
Past Valelevu/Makoi Junction/Nausori Town​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$49​$39​
Past Nausori Town/Tailevu (Rewa/Nasali Landing)  ​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$50​$40​
Past Nausori Town towards Korovou Town ​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$53​$33​
Sigatoka town/Natadola/Lomawai/Bavu​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$50​$40​
Tau/Momi/Nabila/Korovuto​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$41​$31​
Denarau /Narewa/Maqalevu/Sikituru/Namotomoto/Saunaka​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$40​$30​
Vatutu/Nawaka/Nadi backroad/votualevu shop​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$40​$30​
Nagado/Nadele/Sabeto​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$42​$32​
Yavuna/Mulomulo/Solovi/Legalega​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$44​$34​
Nadi Town​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$39​$29​
Ba Town​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$39​$29​
Tavua Town​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$44​$34​
Rakiraki Town​Churchill Park, Lautoka​$53​$43​


DROP OFF POINT (after game)
PICK UP POINT (after game)
Price – AdultPrice – Kids
Labou/Navua/Pacific Harbor/Galoa/Navutulevu​HFC Stadium, Suva​$34​$29​
Delainavesi/Nadonumai/Lami Town/Veisari/Boystown/Naboro/Wainadoi​HFC Stadium, Suva​$30​$25​
Samabula Junction/Nabua Junction/Kinoya Junction/Valelevu ​HFC Stadium, Suva​$30​$25​
Princess Road/Sawani Junction​HFC Stadium, Suva​$33​$28​
Past Sawani Junction/Naitasiri villages up to Vunidawa Hospital ​HFC Stadium, Suva​$39​$34​
Past Valelevu/Makoi Junction/Nausori Town​HFC Stadium, Suva​$32​$27​
Past Nausori Town/Tailevu (Rewa/Nasali Landing)  ​HFC Stadium, Suva​$35​$30​
Past Nausori Town towards Korovou Town ​HFC Stadium, Suva​$40​$35​
Sigatoka town/Natadola/Lomawai/Bavu​HFC Stadium, Suva​$40​$35​
Tau/Momi/Nabila/Korovuto​HFC Stadium, Suva​$40​$35​
Denarau /Narewa/Maqalevu/Sikituru/Namotomoto/Saunaka​HFC Stadium, Suva​$40​$35​
Vatutu/Nawaka/Nadi backroad/votualevu shop​HFC Stadium, Suva​$40​$35​
Nagado/Nadele/Sabeto​HFC Stadium, Suva​$40​$35​
Yavuna/Mulomulo/Solovi/Legalega​HFC Stadium, Suva​$40​$35​
Nadi Town​HFC Stadium, Suva​$40​$35​
Lautoka City​HFC Stadium, Suva​$40​$35​
Ba Town​HFC Stadium, Suva​$42​$37​
Tavua Town​HFC Stadium, Suva​$42​$37​
Rakiraki Town​HFC Stadium, Suva​$42​$37​
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