Flash Flooding Threat as Central Rivers Rise Amid Heavy Rain

As rivers in the central division rise due to continuous heavy rain, authorities urge caution, advising people to avoid flooded areas, especially with children still on school holiday.

The National Disaster Management Office is closely monitoring rising levels at Waidina, Wainibuka, and Waimanu rivers.

In light of the ongoing weather conditions, characterised by a slow-moving trough of low pressure, heavy rain, and thunderstorms, which is expected to continue tomorrow, the risk of flash flooding persists.

Drains in Raiwai and Raiwaqa overflow, causing flooding on roadsides.

Fiji Met Office’s Wednesday’s forecast, issued this morning, anticipates further heavy showers in low-lying areas, underlining the importance of staying weather-aware for safety.

“Stay away and refrain from attempting to cross through these flooded roads, crossings, bridges and walkways,” NDMO said in a statement.

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