Fiji Police Urge Parents to Ensure Safe Coca-Cola Games

Fiji Police are calling on parents to play an active role in ensuring the safety and security of the three-day Coca-Cola Games, the biggest athletics competition for schools in Fiji, which starts tomorrow at the HFC Stadium in Suva.

With thousands of athletes expected to converge at the Laucala Bay-based stadium in Suva, Police Chief Operations Officer ACP Livai Driu has underlined the importance of parental guidance in preventing illegal activities during the event.

Driu said, “The police [are] to be the last resort in looking after the students. We want to see the games be incident-free. But, if someone is going to violate the law, no one is above it, and we will enforce it.”

To ensure a safe environment, the police have deployed manpower from various units, including K9 and waterpol, as well as new recruits, to cover the HFC Stadium and its surroundings, as well as the city center during the games.

In addition to police efforts, games organisers and sponsors have increased the number of passes issued to teachers and coaching staff, resulting in a teacher to student/athlete ratio of 1:3, in order to provide additional support and supervision during the games operations.

The Coca-Cola Games are set to bring together over 3,000 athletes from approximately 150 schools, competing in 330 events over the course of three days. The event will commence with formalities, including the march past and lighting of the Games cauldron, at 8am.

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