COVID-19 Fiji: 1500-plus infringements at $60K-plus in fines

covid 19 mask protection

Police have issued over 1500 heath infringement notices, as of 20 August, valued at least over $60,000 since the Public Health (Infectious Diseases Infringement Notices) Regulations 2021 came into effect on 12 July.

This is calculated based on the least or fixed fine for individuals which vary between $20 and $500.

Accordingly, the biggest earnings that would have been earned to date, provided the offenders pay on time, is a little over $17,000 for 316 infringements issued over four days between 16 and 20 August.

While failure to wear a mask in public spaces topped the list of infringements, social gathering fines make up the biggest slice of the earnings.

Failure to wear a mask in public spaces topped the list at around 800 followed by curfew breach then social gathering at 199. But, social gathering fines makes up 32.6% of total earnings.

Offenders are given a timeframe during which to pay, whether via MPaisa or MyCash under the COVID-SAFE option or bank transfer to the Government’s Consolidated Fund. Failure to pay up on time warrants an appearance in court where offenders are liable to a fine of up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment for up to five years.

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