Use water sparingly, northerners advised

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) is advising customers in the northern division to use water wisely and responsibly due to the decreasing availability of raw water, as a result of the dry season that is currently affecting the region.

In a statement, WAF said the continuing dry weather has led to the decrease in raw water levels at its Nasealevu and Navau intake and may affect its provision of clean water to its customers in Labasa.

In addition, customers residing in elevated areas are to anticipate low water pressure during peak hours, as valve operations are scheduled to take place in certain areas, in an effort to ration water supply.

“As such, we ask that customers practice various water-saving tips such as taking shorter showers, not leaving a tap idly running, and refraining from wasteful activities such as watering plants and washing vehicles with a hosepipe and to instead, utilise buckets for controlled usage,” WAF said.

“Customers are also advised to always practice preparedness and store sufficient amounts of water to last them for at least two to three days in their homes at all times and are encouraged to invest in storage containers or water tanks connected to the water system for storage and backup water supply, during any unplanned disruption that may arise due to emergency works or natural disasters.”

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