Years 12 and 13 exams set for mid January 2022

Year 12 and 13 school term will run from 1 November to 28 January with breaks planned for Christmas and New Year, Minister for Education Premila Kumar confirms.

Exams for the two streams is scheduled to run for two weeks, starting 17 January.

Results are expected to be released mid March.

Discussions are ongoing with tertiary institutions to push back their intake for the next calendar year.

To cater for the Christmas and New Year’s break, students will go on a break from 23 December to 3 January, and will resume classes from 4 January.

Kumar also notes that the schedule is based on the assumption that there will be no cyclones until after the exams. Adjustments will be made if cyclones does happen.

The ministry will also be making a decision in the coming weeks on whether projects will be part of the years’ 12 and 13 external assessment likewise the 2022 school calendar year proper.

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