Heavy rain and flooding prompts West schools closure

Schools in the West will be closed for a week, beginning tomorrow following heavy flooding caused by persistent rain that is expected to continue through next week.

Students in West schools will resume classes from Monday 14 February.

Barring adverse weather, students in the other three division from ECE to year 11 however will resume face to face classroom from tomorrow.

“Based on the latest weather forecast, heavy rain is expected to continue causing flood in the Western and some parts of the Northern Division. If   accessibility to schools are affected due to floods, landslides or broken bridges or riverine flooding anywhere outside the Western Division, then these schools will be closed as well,” Minister for Education Premila Kumar said in a press statement today.

Nine primary schools in the West are said to have opened up as evacuation centres and three schools in Ba Muslim, Ba Special School and Ratu Nemani Primary are flooded.

Parents and guardians are urged to keep their children safe.

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