Registrar cancels 700-plus charitable organisations

More than 700 charitable organisations have been deregistered for failing to submit annual returns and annual audited accounts on time.

In a public advisory yesterday, the Ministry of Justice listed the 705 organisations that have been cancelled and deregistered for not submitting their accounts by 31 December 2021.

The publication of names is in line with the latest amendments made to the Companies Act late last year. The amendments inserted provisions in the Companies Act 2015 requiring all charitable organisations registered as a company limited by guarantee receiving donations to submit their annual returns as with organisations registered under the Charitable Trust Act 1945, and further empowers the Registrar of Titles to publish names of those that do not comply and have been deregistered. As a result of these changes, the Charitable Trust Act 1945 was amendment as well with the insertion of section 29(a)(3) giving the same enforcement powers to the Registrar to publicise names of all deregistered charitable organisations.

The amendments follows concerns that many of these organisations were not using donations received from the public for its intended purpose.

These charitable organisations have been advised to contact the Registrar of Titles Office should they need further clarification.

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