Wearing Fiji praised for social impact focus

New Zealand High Commissioner to Fiji Jonathan Curr hailed organisers of Wearing Fiji for a project he described as a great initiative as it not only seeks to give back to the local industry but is also focused on social impact.

 Speaking at the launch of Wearing Fiji 2021, which was held at his residence in Suva last night, Curr said that were pleased to host an event that is focused on improving the livelihoods of all stakeholders involved.

 “One of the things that has impressed us about Wearing Fiji is its focus on social impact, supporting the local vendors and desire to help the livelihoods of people in this industry, its desire to empower youth and to educate them and grow the next generation of emerging student designers,” Curr said.

 Acknowledging the think-tanks behind the project in established designer and 2019 Designer of the Year Samson Lee and TV and radio personality Neisau Tuidraki as well as the other big names in Fiji’s fashion industry Hupfield Hoerder, Natalia Larsen, Robert Verebasaga, Andrew Powell, Ashley Daunibau and Temesia Tuicaumia, Curr said: “One of the greatest gift that you can provide is your legacy. Your gift to the new generations to help grow those who will eventually become your successes. I give them credit and praise for this initiative.”

 First rolled out in 2020, Wearing Fiji provided emerging designers a platform to showcase their talents and thrive as well as provide local companies a pathway through which they can generate additional income during the COVID19 pandemic.

 This year, our intentions remain to support local businesses and provide safe spaces for emerging designers to grow, Verebasaga said.

 Scheduled for Saturday 1 May 2021 at the Grand Pacific Hotel, the 2021 Wearing Fiji show will feature 14 emerging designers, the youngest aged 14 years and the oldest in her 20s, whose designs aligned with the theme ‘Tropical Chaos’, will be unveiled and displayed alongside their seven established counterparts.

 “Last year we got each student to design one, but this year they are doing capsules – they are tasked to do three designs based on their interpretation of the theme. The project includes a learning phase, where the student designers are being mentored by established designers on the fundamental principles of fashion so that they understand the dynamics of fashion and everything that is involved.

 “So last week, lessons were around their interpretation of the theme. We talked about what the theme meant to each of them and to reflect that in their designs. Unlike last year we have more student designers so it will be exciting, and we are urging everyone to turn up on the day.”

 As television partners of Wearing Fiji, Mai TV will be showing a delayed coverage of the 1 May show.

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