We have removed FB post, and will appeal directive: Fiji Labour Party

Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry says they have complied with Section 144A(2) of the Electoral Act and have removed their Facebook posting but will request the Electoral Commission to review the Fijian Elections Office’s directive.

The FEO directed the FLP under Section 144A(2) to remove their Facebook post of Sunday 16 January, titled: ‘BREAKING NEWS Supervisor of Elections forced to RESIGN’ in which the party stated that Mohammed Saneem was forced to resign over allegations of abuse of office, statements that the SOE dismissed, calling it fake news.

Chaudhry told MaiTV that they are writing to the EC to review the SOE’s decision as provided for under Section 144A(3).

In a statement issued in the last hour, the FEO maintained that the information contained in the party’s FB’s post “is false and misleading.”

“It is incredible the extent to which the Fiji Labour Party has gone to fabricate something and then make it publicly accessible with such high rate of publication despite fully knowing it to be false and lies,” Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said in the statement.

Under section 144A(3) as well, the EC is required to notify the parties’ of its decision within 24 hours.

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