We Forgive Him, says Father of Robertson Rd Alleged Murder Victim

Vosamana and Sia Baravilala have chosen to forgive the man who is alleged to have murdered their daughter, Kiti Baravilala early yesterday morning in Suva.

“If God can forgive us for the many sins we have committed, who are we to withhold the same forgiveness from the person believed to have killed our daughter,” Kiti’s father, Vosamana said as he awaits police investigations to be completed.

The Baravilala’s are from Naidi village in Savusavu, Cakaudrove. They had 12 children of which Kiti was the fourth.

Kiti (far right) with three of her 11 siblings. Photo: Supplied

“This morning our younger daughter Sera called us wailing to say that she had received news that Kiti had died.

“We were both shocked, just totally shocked. These types of things happen to other people. I just couldn’t believe that this was happening to us, our family.

“We cried for our beautiful daughter. We prayed as a couple as we tried to make sense of what just happened. After a while, we spoke and we knew that without a doubt, even if she is no more, and if the allegations are true about who did this, we cannot withhold forgiveness from him. The matter is now with the Police and the law to deal with.”

Vosamana described his daughter as someone who was innovative.

“She didn’t limit herself. She worked hard. When she had her two kids, she looked for ways to provide for them. She put herself through school so she could learn how to be a proper masseuse.

“After she completed it, she joined Koro Sun Resort but after some problems in her relationship, she left her partner and decided to move on with her life. She decided to move to Suva to seek employment to provide for the children.”

The suspect taken in for questioning by police is the husband of the victim.

“Last week Kiti went for a funeral in Lautoka and after the funeral her husband followed her back to Suva.They have been apart for a few months after some problems so it was very new to us that he had come to Suva also, after her.”

The couple have two daughters, a 7-year-old and a 2-year-old.

“Last night (Wednesday night) my wife was weaving a mat and after a while I went to bed but I was restless. I got up again at 2am and when I came out to the living room my wife was still weaving.

“I told her to take a rest. I told her that I got up because I was restless and she said she felt uneasy. That she couldn’t sleep because she felt odd. We continued talking for a while and we went to bed after 4am.

“Only a few hours later our daughter called with the news.

“As parents, we tend to sense things. We sense when one of our kids is not well, we sense when things are not right. That’s what we felt last night. Little did we know, our beautiful daughter was facing life and death at that hour.”

A tearful Vosamana struggled with words as he lamented his daughter.

“It’s been a privilege to be her father. She made mistakes as a young woman but as her father, I will always forgive her and keep encouraging her because she’s my daughter. No matter what people say or post, we know that my daughter was not perfect but was a gift. A gift from God to us.

“Now her girls are going to grow up without their mother. My wife and I will keep her memories alive for her daughters. I want them to know what an amazing mother and daughter Kiti was.”

The victim was believed to be pregnant at the time of her killing.

When news of her killing broke yesterday, police were seen at the site of the suspected killing, retrieving her body. Her husband had been taken in earlier by authorities.

It is understood that a post-mortem examination will be conducted today.

Photo Caption: In happier times: Parents Vosamana and Teresia Baravilala with their daughter Kiti in Savusavu. Kiti was found dead in Suva yesterday.

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