Vaccination card a must-have for domestic travel

police at border control

Domestic travellers will need to carry their vaccination cards with them when travelling as proof of their vaccination status, particularly those looking to travel to the North and the maritime islands.

Responding to a question by opposition MP Dr Antonio Lalabalavu as to the checklist and documentation that travellers will need to have on them, Minister for Transport Faiyaz Koya highlighted vaccination cards as one of the most important documents.

Other documentation that one will need to have on them, he said, could be enquired with at the Ministry of Transport.

Since May end when applications for domestic repatriation was opened, more than 20,000 people had applied – 57% from the central division, 5% from the eastern division, 13% from the northern and 25% from the West.

As of Tuesday, 17 August, 5,647 individuals or 28.3% of applicants have been reunited with their families. At the moment, domestic repatriation is only open to those looking to relocate permanently.

Also as of Tuesday end, 42.5% of the target vaccination population on Fiji’s main island Viti Levu are fully vaccinated.

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