Transportation of TC Yasa relief supplies takes priority

Transportation of emergency relief supplies take precedence during the 30-day state of natural disaster, Fiji’s Minister for Natural Disaster, Maritime Development and Disaster Management Inia Seruiratu reminded stakeholders as Tropical Cyclone Yasa recovery works continue.

Effective from 16 December 2020, the period ends on 15 January 2021.

Seruiratu said the first 14 days after any disaster is critical to government’s recovery works and the affected populace.

Severe TC Yasa made landfall in Fiji on 17 December, forced more than 23,000 people into evacuation centres, damaged and levelled homes and infrastructure as well as agricultural produce, killed four people and one person is still missing. In their latest update, the National Disaster Management Office said 5,373 people remained sheltered at 145 evacuation centres in the northern and eastern divisions.  

“We must feel for the people who are out there in the affected areas and of course as much as we can within this very critical time. Empathy is very critical and would be a very good guiding principle for all of us. The little things we can do to reduce and alleviate the burdens that are there in the communities will really help in the long term,” Seruiratu said.

“When we have a declaration, land, air and sea passage is priority for emergency operations so let’s make that clear to every stakeholder.”

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