Haus of Koila launches 2021 summer collection

Connecting the old with the new, the Haus of Koila launched her 2021 summer collection tonight at the Sustainable Fashion with a Purpose show.  

The unplugged event, held at the Novotel Hotel in Lami, which closed the annual fashion calendar, saw a retrospective collection by established designer Adi Koila Ganilau – paying homage to her lineage of inspirational women. 

From the set up to the garments on the catwalk, the show was centered around sustainable fashion – a core part of the Haus of Koila brand. Even the tickets to the show were reusable as mini hand fans!

While there were some delays due to the recent Tropical Cyclone Yasa, Ganilau said the successful event was a culmination of months’ worth preparation and hardwork.

“We really put our heart, body and soul into this show and we’re honoured to have shared with our guests the newest Haus of Koila summer collection, Haus of Koila,” she said. 

“This collection is a special one to me as it reflects the different generations of women in my family, from my late grandmother, the late former First Lady, Ro Adi Lady Lala Mara to her my daughters, who are learning to embrace the new world that has and will become post COVID-19.”

The time capsule collection featured garments with a mixture of trendy contemporary and traditional authentic prints, designs and colors – reflecting the major shifts of our traditional and cultural expressions.

“We’re so thankful to our dear sponsors that a time like this rendered their support towards our brand which includes an incubation of artisans, tailors, screen printers, fabric suppliers, machinists, pattern makers, hair & make-up artists and models,” Ganilau added.

“While 2020 has been challenging, we’ve proven that our resilience shines through even in the hardest of times and we hope to continue building on that in the new year.”

The 2021 summer collection will be available soon online via the Haus of Koila Facebook page. Mai TV Fiji will be showing the delayed coverage of the show soon.

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