Three People Arrested for Unlawful Importation of Illicit Drugs

Fijian authorities have arrested three people following the discovery of methamphetamine concealed within a shipment of stainless-steel bolts at the Nadi International Airport.

The intercepted package, consisting of 20 steel bolts, was addressed to a business in Suva.

The trio, including one woman, have been charged with the unlawful importation of illicit drugs, and unlawful transportation of illicit drugs while the woman faces an additional charge of unlawful possession of illicit drugs.

Their case will be presented before the Nadi Magistrates Court.

Acting Commissioner of the Fiji Police Force Juki Fong Chew stated that the seizure, on May 1, demonstrates the importance of collaboration and partnerships between law enforcement agencies in tackling the illicit drug trade – in this case a collab with the FRCS.

“Collaboration is the best solution towards tackling the illicit drug trade because the police cannot do it alone. Capabilities at our borders have been strengthened over the years, not only between local law enforcement but with our regional partners, with the likes of New Zealand Police providing K9s and training for the Fiji Dog Detector Unit officers.

“We need partnerships to be strengthened at all levels, particularly at the community level if we are to be even more effective in the war on drugs, nationally and regionally.”

FRCS Chief Executive Officer Mark Dixon said the arrest should serve as a warning to potential offenders, stating, “You will be caught, and you will be held accountable.”

“The close collaboration, vigilance, and capabilities of all stakeholders at the borders continue to disrupt criminal syndicates attempting to bring drugs into the country. We are not only detecting drugs at the border but together we are stopping those involved in the importation.”

Photo: Fiji Police

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