Third schooling term down to eight weeks for 2022 academic year

The 2022 academic year is split over three schooling terms, by two breaks of a little over one week, with the final term of the school year being the shortest.

According to the Ministry of Education, term one which starts next Monday, 11 April will run for 12 weeks and four days, ending on 8 July, before the number of schooling week drops to 11 weeks and three days in term two, starting 18 July.

However, term three which is also the most important term for students in the senior high school level given that external exams are scheduled around that time, school will run for eight weeks and four days, from 17 October. The long holiday break starts on 17 December.

Term 1: 11 April to 08 July; Term 2: 18 July to 06 October; Term 3: 17 October to 16 December

The new schooling calendar is a far cry from the usual 14/14/13 split pre-COVID separated by two weeks of school holidays between terms and two, and terms two and three before the long 8-week school holiday at the end of the year.

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