COVID-19 Fiji: Deaths from COVID-19 remain unchanged

Fiji has gone nearly 40 days without a COVID-19 death or death from COVID, with the latest fatality reported in late February, however, in the same period, deaths of persons with COVID-19 or deaths for reasons other than COVID continued to increase.

Data kept with the Ministry of Health showed that to date Fiji has recorded 834 COVID-19 deaths, with the last time a COVID19 death was recorded was on 25 February – 39 days ago. However, COVID-19 positive people who died for other reasons including pre-existing illness increased by three percent in the same period.

Deaths with COVID-19 stands at 922, up from 891 on 25 February.

In the same period, Fiji recorded 669 new coronavirus cases and 733 recoveries.

Fiji’s total coronavirus cases and recoveries to date, stand at 64,425 and 62,623 respectively since March 2020. Of Fiji’s total COVID-19 cases, 97 per cent recovered and three per cent died.

Meanwhile’s the country’s adult dose one vaccination coverage has also increased, surpassing 100 per cent, of which 94.4 per cent have gone on to receive their second dose.

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