Taveuni tourism calls for vaccination support

Getting everyone on the island of Taveuni vaccinated is the hope and is behind the advocacy that Taveuni Tourism Association (TTA) has been doing.

TTA Acting Chairperson of Terri Gortan says hoteliers on the island continue to work with the rest of the business community and residents.

“We continue to push the message out that we need to support the vaccination drive so we can get tourists back onto Taveuni, open the borders for travel and hopefully life gets back to normal,” Gortan said.

Teams continue visiting villages in Cakaudrove as Government aims to normalize operations once the vaccination target has been reached.

As of 8 am yesterday, 83.7% of the island’s adult inhabitants have received the first dose of the vaccine and 25.9% are fully vaccinated.

Photo: Lusi Banuve-Leqa

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