COVID-19 in Fiji: Record recoveries, 1220 new cases and seven deaths

Fiji recorded a new daily high of COVID-19 recoveries over 24 hours as of 8 am yesterday, the majority of which were recorded in the central division where also more than half of the 1220 new infections recorded in the same period reside.

This is the second consecutive day that Fiji has recorded significant recoveries – the previous high being 589 as of 8am Monday, increasing to 1113 as of 8am yesterday.

Consequently, Fiji’s overall recovery rate has increased to 29%, from 19.5% a month ago. In an earlier interview with MaiTV, PS Health Dr James Fong attributed the infected persons’ young age as having a significant bearing on their recoveries.

Of the 22,689 active cases as of yesterday morning, those hospitalised make up less than 1.5%. Twenty-one per cent of those hospitalised are regarded as either in severe or critical condition. This does not account for those who are at home in severe condition and who present themselves late to a health facility only to die within days of their admission or enroute to a health facility as was the case of a young man from Tailevu on Sunday.

The 24-year-old, one of seven new COVID-19 deaths announced last night, was seen at a medical facility near his home in severe respiratory distress. This, after having experienced shortness of breath for a week. He was retrieved from the facility on Sunday to be taken to the CWM Hospital, but died on the way. He was not vaccinated, health officials say.

The other six, some partly vaccinated and some not, had not been provided medical assistance, having either died at home or on their way to seek medical help.


Details of other six deceased – five from the central division and one from the West who died between 31 July and 2 August.

  • 78 year old man, Kalabu
    • Died at home on 1 August.
    • He was not vaccinated.
  • 85 year old woman, Nasinu
    • Died at home on 2 August
    • She received the first dose of the vaccine in early August.
  • 67 year old woman, Nabua
    • Died at home on 1 August
    • She received her first dose of the vaccine in mid-July.
  • 65 year old man from Sigatoka.
    • Declared dead on arrival
    • He was not vaccinated.
  • 48 year old woman, Nabena Village
    • Died at home on 2 August.
    • Her family reported that she had a cough, fever, shortness of breath and chest pain for one week prior.
    • She was not vaccinated.
  • 54 year old man, Cunningham
    • Died at home on 31 July.
    • He was not vaccinated.

There have been three more deaths of COVID-19 positive patients. However, their deaths have been classified as non-COVID deaths by their doctors.

With the newly reported deaths, there have been 261 deaths due to COVID-19 in Fiji, with 259 of these during the outbreak that started in April this year. The 7 day rolling average of COVID-19 deaths per day is 8.  There have also been 139 COVID-19 positive patients dying from pre-existing medical conditions.

Breakdown of New and Active Cases

Of the 1220 new cases of COVID-19, 464 cases are from the western division and 756 cases are from the central division.

After having accounted for the recoveries and the 10 deaths, active cases stand at 22,689 active of which almost 82% reside in the central division and 18% in the West.

There have been 32,663 cases during the outbreak that started in April 2021. We have recorded a total of 32,733 cases in Fiji since the first case was reported in March 2020, with 9,644 recoveries.

There are currently 295 COVID-19 patients admitted to hospital. 23 patients are admitted at Lautoka hospital. In Suva, 80 patients are admitted at the FEMAT field hospital, and 191 admitted at CWM hospital, St Giles, and Makoi. 50 patients are considered to be in severe condition, and 12 are in critical condition. 

Screening Update
A total of 992 individuals were screened and 163 swabbed at stationary screening clinics in the last 24 hours, bringing cumulative total to 394,294 individuals screened and 71,762 swabbed to date. As of 1 August, mobile screening teams screened a total of 289 individuals and swabbed 41. This brings the cumulative total to 770,493 individuals screened and 68,102 swabbed by mobile teams. 

Testing update
A total of 280,381 samples have been tested since this outbreak started in April 2021, with 323,242 tested since testing began in March 2020. 3228 tests have been reported for August 1. Based on available data the national 7-day daily test average is 3372 tests per day or 3.8 tests per 1,000 population. The national 7-day average daily test positivity is 30%.  

Vaccination Update
As of the 2 August, 83.7% of adults in Fiji have received their first dose of the vaccine 25.9% are fully vaccinated.

Epidemic Outlook
The 7-day average of new cases per day is 1085 cases per day or 1226 cases per million population per day.

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