Suva Zone II: Grammar wins

Suva Grammar School is on track to go for the win at next months Coca-Cola National Finals after taking out the girls and boys division of the Suva Zone II which ended this hour at the ANZ National Stadium in Laucala.

Powered by an impressive sub-junior, junior and senior grade teams, SGS seem to have reached the culmination of the Grammar Rise Up plan, set several years back. The plan was to regain all round excellence.

SGS won all the grades except for the intermediates in both the girls and boys division to end the day with 23 gold medals per division.

SGS excelled on the tracks taking out the blue ribbon events to Tevita Sokiveta and Salote Baravilala to begin an onslaught of dominance throughout the day.

Baravilala’s gold medal haul extended to the 4x100m and 200m events. SGS went on to win six out of the eight grades in the 200m event. It might have been a clean sweep had it not been for the intermediate boys gold to Tevita Mocekinasau of Lomary Secondary School and the intermediate girls gold to Marian O’Neill of St Joseph’s Secondary School.

While Marist Brothers High School and St. Joseph’s Secondary School chased the lions throughout the day, SGS won six out of the eight grades in the 400m and 4x400m to ensure the win.

Coach Jone Delai said the school had gone back to the drawing board several times in the past few years after coming close to winning the Zone title as well as the Coca-Cola National Files.

“We will take one or two days to rest and get straight back onto our plans to compete in the Coke Games Finals,” Coach Delai.

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