SODELPA Grapples with Fate of Sacked Minister Amidst Leadership Tensions and Calls For Unity

As SODELPA’s management board sits today to discuss among other things the fate of sacked Education Minister and party deputy leader Aseri Radrodro, former party member and MP Niko Nawaikula urges unity within the party, calling on members to “not let internal bickering, personal differences, disciplinary infringes to impact on the coalition government.”

Nawaikula, recently released after serving 18 months of a 24-month sentence imprisonment underscored the importance of supporting the new government.

“Whatever you do this government needs our support,” Nawaikula said.

“This govt is very new, a lot of them is very new, they are not familiar. But they will get better. But that will come to not, if we continue with this unnecessary small bickering. So,I hope and pray that all these things will be resolved, and the coalition be given a chance to govern.”

The meeting will address resolution including a proposal for Kamikamica to assume the PM’s role and Radrodro to retain the Education Ministry portfolio.

Today’s meeting at the Southern Cross in Suva convenes within a week of Rabuka dismissing Radrodro citing insubordination and disobedience over the Fiji National University Council chairmanship. The government’s initial appointee, Dr. Kesaia Seniloli, was replaced by Semesa Karavaki, leading to government discontent. Rabuka directed Radrodro to reverse the decision, but complying with the FNU Act, the change was maintained. Karavaki, securing 12 votes to two, retained the chair. Consequently, Radrodro was sacked, and SODELPA Party leader and Deputy PM Viliame Gavoka assumed the role of Minister for Education alongside his existing responsibilities. 

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