Please Reinstate Radrodro; Nothing Will Separate Us From the Coalition: Gavoka

The Social Democratic Liberal Party has assured its full and earnest support of the Fiji Coalition Government.

Party Leader Viliame Gavoka says this was declared and confirmed at the Party’s management board meeting today in Suva.

“The management board came to a resolution, we are very clear in our support for the Prime Minister and the Coalition government and there is no ambiguity on that one,” Gavoka said.

“Relooking at the way thing developed FNU is functioning very well and what was required of Hon Radrodro is being fully carried out. There may have been some lapses in communication and we emphasised in our resolution that this could have contributed to the decision.”

The Board has also written to the Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka requesting the reinstating of Radrodro as Education minister.

“The resolution is made in good will and its not a demand or ultimatum, it’s a plea based on a party that is fully committed to his leadership as PM. We were in one accord today and in whatever we said we want it made clear that there is nothing that will separate us from the Coalition.”

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