Sharing empowers perpetrators

Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre has echoed calls by Fiji Police pleading with members of the public to refrain from engaging or sharing a video on social media showing two youths forced to perform sexual acts.

FWCC Legal and Advocacy officer Stephanie Dunn said doing so, gives powers to perpetrators and aggravate the sufferings of the victims.

“Do not give powers to the perpetrators by engaging and sharing such posts and also hold the perpetrator accountable by reporting and calling out their posts. For those who are experiencing online violence, it’s not your fault and help is always available,” Dunn said.

Fiji’s cyberlaws, she warns, also governs against sharing of such materials. Dunn also called on authorities to respond promptly and sensitively.

Commissioner of Police Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho has directed an investigation into the matter stating that those responsible for the video will be brought to justice.

Toll-free helpline numbers:

  • National Domestic Violence Helpline – 1560
  • Lifeline Fiji – 1543
  • Empower Pacific – 5626
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