Sex crime victims avoid school to steer clear of mocking friends

Two sisters aged 10 and seven years who were raped by their 54-year-old uncle refused to return to school to avoid being mocked and laughed at.

In their victim impact statement, the girls said they have never been the same since the events of 12 December 2020. They had become fearful and were ridiculed by their friends and schoolmates.

Documents submitted in court during the trial showed that parents were not spared as well. Their father was assaulted and the girls were looked at differently by people who lived nearby their home in the West.

The parents are believed to have prepared statements as well, but this was disregarded by the court because it was not relevant to the case. However, the victims’ statements, presiding judge Justice Sunil Sharma said could not be ignored “in light of evidence given by the victims. The harm caused to the victims was a direct result of what the accused had done to them.”

It was around 2 pm on the day of the incident when the man summoned the sisters to his house and told them to lay down on a mattress that was spread on the floor beside his bed. They were sleeping when the man made his move. The younger sibling cried out in pain, to which the man gave her 20 cents.

The children relayed the events to their father who then reported it to the police.

The man was this week jailed for 13 years, four months, and 26 days. He is not eligible for parole until he has served 12 years and four months.

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