Fiji Police destroy $33m worth of cocaine

About $33m worth of cocaine was destroyed by Police at the Dignified Crematorium in Davuilevu today.

These were cocaine seized in 2018.

The Fiji Police Force has confirmed they will continue the process of destroying others that are awaiting destruction notices.

Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho says there are other drugs that were seized prior to 2018 and they will be destroyed upon courts approval.

“Yes we have about thirty kilos of heroin that’s still there and there’s an appeal process going on in the courts and there are about 100 kilos of cocaine/methamphetamine and we are going through the same process through the courts to get approval for destructions”.

Apart from cocaine and methamphetamine, Qiliho confirmed they continue to destroy marijuana uprooted from the maritime islands.

“As we speak on the 20th of July, we’ve destroyed 61,000 marijuana plants in Kadavu, as uprooting goes on and court decisions have come through. There are 20,000 plants that are there again and we have gained approval for the destruction and a group of government officials have gone in the Police boat to witness the destruction process”

Qiliho says the process of destroying all these drugs will avoid Police officers not to be tempted to re-selling these drugs.

He says this act of corruption is not only happening in Fiji but it’s common in law enforcement agencies around the world

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