Risk of COVID-19 during ADF stay ‘extremely low: Fiji Govt

Strict COVID-19 protocols will be enforced to prevent community exposure during the Australian Defence Force personnel stay in the country, the Fijian Government said.

In a statement today, the government said protocols require the visiting personnel to clear upto three coronavirus tests, work within an ADF-bubble which will include some local military officers and have zero interaction with the rest of the public.

Furthermore, upon their departure, members of the Fiji Military forces who will be working alongside the visitors will be required to undergo a 14-day quarantine. Facilities constructed during this period will also be thoroughly cleaned before it is made available for community use.

Members of the ADF, who are due to arrive in Fiji tomorrow on board the HMAS Adelaide, are part of the Australian Government’s assistance to the country’s general TC Yasa recovery efforts including the immediate repair of schools, prioritised initially for the island of Galoa, and potable water production.

The government statement said the travelling ADF and crew members on board the HMAS Adelaide were cleared of COVID-19 immediately prior to their departure on 24 December.

Personnel who will be disembarking the vessel to help in recovery works will be tested again after six days at sea, all of which will be done onboard the HMAS Adelaide which is fully equipped with COVID-19 testing and laboratory equipment.

All other members including the crew will remain on-board the vessel, and be tested on day 12 while in Fijian waters.

” While on-site, the disembarked force will operate within a pre-defined, multi-layered “ADF Bubble” under strict surveillance from RFMF and Ministry of Health and Medical Services personnel. All ADF crew and embarked forces will be restricted to this adjusted quarantine environment while their urgent work takes place. The risk of transmission inside the bubble from day 6 to day 14 is extremely low.”

Fijian Government

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