Rewa river flood prevention works begin

SEVENTY thousand Fijians who live along the Rewa river and are constantly affected by floods may soon get relief.

Works to remove sediment from the river bed has begun in hopes it will reduce flood risk to the river communities and those who live along nearby waterways connecting to the Rewa river.

The Ministry of Waterways works began from the adjacent creeks of Waidamu river which should minimize the flooding impact in Waituri, Lakena and the Vuci area.

Minister of Waterways and Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy said the desilting works were helpful.

“We will continue to provide services within our mandate to ensure that Fijians are safe from flooding and waterways are clear for the free flow of water during heavy down-pour.”

“While an enormous amount of drainage works has been carried out by the Ministry, we still find that these drainage systems are not well maintained once cleared and are often filled with white goods, tires, household rubbish, motor vehicle parts, which block the drains causing floods during heavy rainfall,” Minister Reddy said.

The Minister is also urging the public to refrain from polluting connecting waterways to allow the ease of river flow.

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