Civil servants clean up water borne disease risk areas

Civil servants in the central division have been mobilised to clean up surroundings to reduce the risks of Leptospirosis, Typhoid, Dengue, and Diarrhoea (LTDD).

Post the Tropical Cyclone Harold assessment and the recent rain there were 1,146 confirmed cases and seven deaths resulting from  LTDD.

Of these confirmed cases 278 are leptospirosis,77 are typhoid,and 791 are dengue while the majority of the cases were recorded from the Central Division.

Permanent Secretary for Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management David Kolitagane said government ministries should utilise the two hours for Wellness Wednesday to clean up identified risk areas.

“Through this exercise the Divisional Commissioner Central’s office has developed an action plan for all Government Ministries to participate in this exercise within designated places in the Central Division.”

“We aim to assist in destroying breeding grounds for mosquitos and other disease carrying pests.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services, together with health inspectors from the Suva, Lami, and Nausori municipalities, will guide and monitor these activities and will ensure that waste is disposed appropriately in accordance with environmental regulations,” Kolitagane said.

Kolitagane added that despite the initiative, all Fijians are still responsible for the cleanliness of their surroundings.

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