Refrain from abusing or harassing our employees: Water Authority

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) is urging the public to refrain from abusing or harassing their employees after reports that their water carting teams were verbally abused and threatened while on duty.

No one was injured, but the WAF is reminding the public that their staff are only doing their jobs and should be able to work without fear or harm.

“Last week we had two instances where the public harassed our water carting teams – the first in Sakoca, where a water carting truck was blocked on the way out of the area, and the second in Burebasaga, where stones were thrown at the water carting truck,” the WAF said in a statement.

“Just like everyone else, they have families and loved ones who expect them to return home safely.”

The WAF said such actions negatively impact its water relief efforts in communities that are in need, adding that people who continue to intimidate their water carting teams would be reported to the Fiji Police Force for further action.

Photo: WAF File/Archives

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