Commission pays out more than $5 million in months

Fiji’s Accident and Compensation Commission paid more than $5 million in four months, with motor vehicle accidents accounting for nearly 63 percent of the payout.

Dating back to October 2021, the commission paid about $3.5million for motor vehicle accidents, accidents in the workplace totaled a little over $1.9 million or 35 percent of payouts whilst victims of accidents that happened within school compounds were paid $111,000.

These payouts bring to nearly $28 million, the total amount the commission has paid since January 2018.

“This total sum paid is made up as follows: – Motor Vehicle Accidents $20,457,500.00 (760 Applications); Employment Accidents $ 6,873,000.00 (452 Applications); School Accidents $ 439,500.00 (61 Applications).”

The payment update was part of the information the ACCF provided to its board during their meeting for the year today.

ACCF Chief Executive Parvez Akbar said the board was also apprised of the Festive Season Road Safety Awareness Joint Campaign that the commission participated in with the Land Transport Authority and Fiji Police Force.

“The campaign commenced on 8 December 2021 from the Central Division, then Western Division, and concluded in the Northern Division on 4 February 2022. The teams carried out highway community awareness, distributed safety message bumper stickers, schoolbook labels, safety message flyers, calendars, ACCF tote bags, and held awareness sessions in schools, communities, and public areas.”

The joint operation served 46,373 people, a success according to Akbar, underlined by the zero road fatalities recorded over the Christmas and New Year period which he said was a milestone achievement for Fiji.

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