Reduce the impact of the pandemic on employment Kumar

Fiji’s Ministry of Employment reached out to 1,536 employers and their 9,989 workers in its workplace awareness looking at avenues  aimed at help people keep their jobs, and their rights whilst staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employment Minister Parveen Kumar said employers and employees are encouraged to consider alternative arrangements such as reduced work hours, job sharing and usage of leave entitlements.

“We urge employers to consider these alternatives. It is also important that we follow the employment laws and regulations that is in place, and that our workers are not denied their rights,” Kumar said.

The workplace awareness raising sessions which started on March 9 was carried out progressively in three phases moved from the most vulnerable workplaces such as airports, seaports, hotels, supermarkets financial institutions, public transport, manufacturers, shopping malls, restaurants and banks.

In six months time, the ministry plans to review this approach.

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