Heavy rains can cost lives, stay safe and diligent: PM

Fiji’s Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama today reiterated the need to take heed of heavy rain and flash flood warnings in force across the country saying it can cost lives as it comes on the heels of Tropical Cyclone Harold.

Evacuation centres, he said, will be opened and sanitised should people feel the need to move to safety.

“Our soil is already saturated and unstable, making the risk of landslides extremely high. Please, do not congregate or seek shelter in buildings beneath steeply sloped areas,” Bainimarama said

“I want to strongly reiterate those warnings to every Fijian–– these rains, and the resulting flooding, can kill. Do not swim in rivers or streams, or risk crossing the rapids.
“All too often, we see Fijians –– particularly children –– drown in these conditions. These aren’t the same waters you’re used to crossing, so don’t treat them the same way you do on any ordinary day. They are unpredictable, they can carry heavy debris, and they are deadly.”

Bainimarama also called for care in anticipation of an increase in LTDD cases –– Leptospirosis, Typhoid, Dengue, and Diarrhoea post-natural disasters particularly after periods of widespread flooding that may cause water disruptions and/or contamination.

Meanwhile, flood alerts remain in force for the Ba River, Korovou Town River, Waimanu River and Bagata Catchment in Vanua Levu.
A strong wind and rough sea warning remain in force for Southern Lau, the Southern Koro Sea and the Kadavu Passage –– do not attempt travel by sea in these regions. Keep your boats moored until authorities advise it is safe to get back on the water.  
In the event of a landslide, people are advised to contact the Mineral Resources Department or the NDMO on number 915 before making any attempt to clear the slip. 
“We may not be facing another cyclone –– but as we’ve tragically seen before, heavy rains can cost lives all the same. Stay safe and stay diligent, Fiji. “ Photo Credit: Government of Fiji

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