Public urged to prep for adverse weather

Members of the public living in the maritime islands of Kadavu, the Yasawa Group, and nearby smaller islands, and the Lau and Lomaiviti Groups are strongly urged to be on high alert and strictly adhere to advisories issued by the relevant authorities.
The Fiji Meteorological Services (FMS) has issued a Strong Wind Warning for land areas on these islands, while a Strong Wind Warning is also now in force for Southwest Viti Levu Waters, Kadavu and Vatu-i-Ra passages, Koro Sea, Southern Lau Waters, Yasawa and Mamanuca waters.
FMS Director Mr. Terry Atalifo says that strong southeast winds with average speed of 45 kilometres per hour is expected to develop over land areas of the Yasawa Group, Kadavu and nearby smaller islands, Lau and Lomaiviti groups from tomorrow.
“Winds of this strength can break trees branches and cause damages to very weak structured houses or unshielded structures in exposed communities,” Mr Atalifo said.
“For waters, southeast winds 15 to 20 knots gradually increasing to 20 to 25 knots are to be expected from later today over Kadavu and Vatu-i-Ra passages, Yasawa and Mamanuca waters, Southwest Viti Levu Waters, Koro Sea and Southern Lau Waters. Moderate to rough seas are expected over these areas which will become predominantly rough from later today.”
“Mariners are advised that sea conditions in the areas that are currently under strong wind warning is of high risk for sea travel especially for those navigating in small to medium sea crafts.”
In light of the warnings issued by FMS, Director Disaster Management Ms. Vasiti Soko says the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) is closely working with the FMS to monitor the current weather events.
“The NDMO continues to advise Fijians living in the areas listed above to be vigilant and continue to follow the advices issued by authorities. We must remember that advisories are issued by authorities for the sole purpose of ensuring the safety of everyone,” Ms Soko said.
The FMS has also advised that heavy rain is anticipated to affect most parts of the Group from Monday and due to this, flash flooding and landslides is also expected.

“While we still have time this weekend, members of the public, communities situated on low-lying areas and business houses are strongly encouraged to start preparing your families, communities and premises for the anticipated heavy rain expected from next Monday. We can start simply by clearing our drainage systems to minimise the risks of flash flooding,” advised Ms Soko.
“With only a week left to the start of the new cyclone season, the NDMO also urges the general public to use such early warning information to prepare, plan and make good decisions.”
Members of the public are also advised to store adequate supply of water and other necessities in preparation for the forecasted adverse weather.
Should you may need any assistance, please contact the relevant emergency contacts listed below:
 917 for Police
 910 for NFA
 913 for EFL
 5720 for FRA
 5777 for WAF
Together with the FMS, the NDMO will continue to monitor this weather event and advise the general public

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