Police probe informers after abduction allegations are proven false

Investigation findings into the alleged abduction case where an 18-year-old sales assistant of Lautoka was forcefully taken by two men, drugged, and taken to an unknown location have so far proven the allegations to be false, Fiji Police said.

Commissioner Police Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho say they will be investigating those involved in the initial social media post along the lines of ‘False representation’ under the False Information Act.

In a statement issued this hour, police confirmed a report was received at the Lautoka Police Station claiming that while she was walking towards a nightclub on the night of 22 of October, a black car pulled over to the side of the road and forced her into the vehicle where she was drugged and taken to a house where she found herself naked. 

She also claimed that another young girl was found in the same house also allegedly drugged by their kidnappers. A search conducted at the said house proved negative as there were no such findings to be made.

However, according to witnesses who have come forward, CCTV footage obtained and mobile phone records, investigators have ruled out the claims made in the post.

A 50-year-old man who saw the alleged victim on the day after the abduction claims he saw her, had seen her walking along the road, and asked where she was going where she stated Lautoka city. He then proceeded to ask her if anything had happened, and she said she was abducted the day before at around 5 pm.

The man then reported the matter to her family whereby the matter was referred to the police.

However, investigators have gathered information from one of her associates where she stated they finished work at 6pm and were communicating with each other via phone up until 11 pm when she had stated that she was outside a nightclub.

The owner of a shop located in Saru, Lautoka told investigators that he clearly recalled the girl after seeing her photos on social media as she had called into the shop with another young boy who frequented the shop, at around 8 pm the same night of the alleged abduction.

Police managed to track down the 19-year-old residing in Natabua, Lautoka who stated that he met the 18-year-old earlier in the day at her workplace and agreed to meet later in the day at around 5 pm. 

They met up with other friends where they began drinking, and later the same evening saw her in a nightclub.

It is alleged that she had asked him if she could stay at his place as she could not go home as she was heavily intoxicated.

Permission was sought from other family members whereby she went and spent the night in Natabua at the 19-year-old’s family home. Statements gathered from other family members are that she was with them until 7 am the next day when they had breakfast before returning home.

According to the family of the 19-year-old, they were shocked to see the social media posts regarding her alleged abduction.

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