Proposed party reapplies for 2022 election registration

The Fijian Elections Office confirms receiving the application for registration by the proposed ‘All People’s Party’, their second attempt after their first submission was rejected.

In a statement, the FEO said that it would process the application.

The proposed party previously applied for registration on 10 June 2022, but it was turned down because they failed to meet the required members or signatories for three divisions namely the northern, western and central.

As per section 6(3)(i) of the Political Parties Registration Act 2013, proposed parties are required to have at least 5000 members, as a prerequisite for registration, comprising 2000 from the central division, 1,750 from the west, and 1,000 members from the North.

To date, Fiji has nine parties registered to contest the 2022 election including the governing FijiFirst party, opposition parties SODELPA and National Federation Party, Fiji Labour Party, Unity Fiji, Freedom Alliance, New Generation Party, We Unite Fiji party and the People’s Alliance party.

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