Police look into Prius-driving man targeting young girls and women

Fijian authorities are investigating claims posted on social media about a man driving a hybrid car said to be targeting and offering rides to young girls and women since April this year.

Commissioner of Police Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho has directed its CID unit to investigate the matter, after the woman who had alerted the public via an FB post in April, highlighted the matter again in a post today, this time claiming that the car was parked outside her partner’s residence in Nadera around 1.30 this morning.

In the post, she said the man sped off when he overheard her partner asking their neighbour if they knew him.

He sped off by the time he heard my partner asking our neighbor if he knew the owner of the vehicle. Please be vigilant guys ❤️. In a neighborhood as ours with alot of young girls ,one could be his next victim to prey on so please keep a watch out for this man described as a big, bald iTaukei man in his late 30s to 40 ish. Keep our streets safe by getting this perv out of it. This morning he was hunting in Nadera. Tomorrow he could be in your neighborhood so please spread the word and be safe 🥰

There were FB posts by others, after the initial April posting, sharing similar experiences involving the same car and man, said to be aged between 30 and 40 years.

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