No COVID19 cases today

Fijian authorities say there are no cases of COVID-19 today as it reaches out to those who may have been at the Jades MHCC and Supercuts Damodar branches late March.

Patient six and seven are hair dressers and are employees of the two named hair styling salons.

“The Ministry of Health and Medical Services would like to hear from all customers who attended an appointment at Jades MHCC between 23 and 26 March and Supercuts Damodar level 2 on 23, 25, or 30 March, or 1 April,” a government statement said.

Customers who were at the two shops in late March have been linked to Fiji’s the patient, a couple who lived in an informal settlement in Nabua. Customers of Jade MHCC and Supercuts Nabua from late March must call the toll free line 158.

Patient six and seven are part of a cluster of patients who contracted the COVID19 virus from patient 9, a 54 year old resident of Soasoa, Labasa who returned from a controversial religious gathering in India.

Patient nine has since also infected his 11 year old grandaughter and one other person, either another grandchild or the wife of his second son.

Health Minister Dr. Ifereimi at announced on Saturday that a second round of tests were ordered yesterday on samples from patient nine’s daughter in law and grandson. There is no word yet on the results of that second round of tests.

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